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The not-so-poor huddled masses

This made the rounds yesterday but i can't pass it up.

No wonder these people want to cut social security if they think the average retired couple has $180,000 in annual income.

I understand the Wall Street Journal's problem. They want to show the devastating impact of the tax increase (really just expiration of the Bush tax cuts) that was included in the Fiscal Cliff deal, but in order to show anyone who was actually impacted, we have to find the single mother struggling to raise children on a mere $260,000 a year.

The irony is that part of the Fiscal Cliff deal was that the payroll tax breaks expired too. That has an impact on everyone who works, so this infographic could have shown real impact on people not making six digit salaries, but it's a separate category from "income tax". So admitting that those people pay taxes defeats their "47% of the country doesn't pay taxes" claim.

By fnord12 | January 17, 2013, 12:22 PM | Liberal Outrage