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All We're Missing Are the Giant Kangaroos

As real life moves closer and closer to imitating science fiction (Tank Girl, in this case), we now have corporations grabbing up land and water.

As a growing population stresses the world's food and water supplies, corporations and investors in wealthy countries are buying up foreign farmland and the freshwater perks that come with it.
The "water grabbing" by corporations amounts to 454 billion cubic meters per year globally, according to a new study by environmental scientists. That's about 5 percent of the water the world uses annually.

Investors from seven countries - the United States, United Arab Emirates, India, United Kingdom, Egypt, China and Israel - accounted for 60 percent of the water acquired under these deals.


For countries reliant on farming and already suffering from poverty, the potential impacts are huge, said Paolo D'Odorico, a University of Virginia professor and co-author of the new report that estimates the water supplies at stake. About 66 percent of the total deals are in countries with high hunger rates.

"In many of these countries, the sum of the water being grabbed would be enough to eliminate malnourishment," said D'Odorico, who collaborated with scientists from Italy's Polytechnic University of Milan.

And what's one of the culprits behind the need for all of this land and water? Biofuels. Goddamned biofuels.

By min | February 13, 2013, 11:54 AM | Liberal Outrage