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I know i'm cheating on my Timeline project

...but after the Snapper post, i feel less restrained and i want to mention one a few other things about some Golden Age comics i don't own.

In Marvel Mystery Comics #13, the Sub-Mariner gets a crazy new costume.

'Like a lunatic's nightmare - but it's practical' also describes people who wear Crocs with socks to the movies.

Just passing through your military base in gas masks.  Nothing to be alarmed about.

From the right angle, it makes him look like Superman.

Or maybe the Golden Age Angel.

And he surprisingly wears the costume at least for one more issue.

Namor's chest is HUGE!

If this doesn't work, Namor will take his pants off next.

I was surprised to see a continued status quo like this in the Golden Age.

I love Namor's contradictory attitudes towards humans.

Oh, yeah.  Like *you've* never started a war.

And after the spanking, the oral sex.

And speaking of continuity, check this out from Marvel Mystery Comics #18. It's the tube that Namor trapped the Human Torch in at the end of issue #9!

All we need is an asterisk and a footnote - Fussy Fnord12.

A lot more going on in these Golden Age stories than i expected. I'd love to get the run of Marvel Mystery books, but the Masterworks series only makes it to issue #8, the originals are way too expensive when available at all, and even the online scans are spotty.

One more thing for fun:

Gulp, indeed.

Oh and speaking of the Timeline project, it's a D&D weekend so this is the last you'll hear from me until maybe Sunday.

By fnord12 | February 1, 2013, 1:24 PM | Comics


so, Namor also has a pal called Toro?

Well, he has a tailor named Toro.