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Barrett Brown Defense Fund

Glenn Greenwald has a post today about prosecutorial abuse in the case of journalist Barrett Brown who was investigating the unfair treatment of whistleblowers (like Bradley Manning) and campaigning for internet freedom.

The issues Brown was investigating are complex and serious, and I won't detail all of that here. In addition to Gallagher's article, two superb and detailed accounts of Brown's journalism in these areas have been published by Christian Stork of WhoWhatWhy and Vice's Patrick McGuire; read those to see how threatening Brown's work had become to lots of well-connected people. Suffice to say, Brown, using the documents obtained by Anonymous, was digging around - with increasing efficacy - in places which National Security and Surveillance State agencies devote considerable energy to concealing.

For those of you familiar with Aaron Swartz's experience with prosecutorial abuse before his suicide, this story about Brown won't come as a shock. And here's a link to his defense fund.

Fnord12 was concerned at first that after donating, the jackbooted thugs would come crashing through our door, but he realized how silly that was. They can just drop a bomb from a drone.

By min | March 21, 2013, 3:10 PM | Liberal Outrage