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First they came for the grease trucks...

Yglesias covers this topic often and surely it's not at the top of anyone's list of problems, but i do recognize it as something that can happen. Where min and i went to college, there used to be food trucks that could actually drive around the campus. By the time we got there they were restricted to a single parking lot, which defeated the purpose, and then the trucks all got bought by a single vendor and later there was just a single "truck" which was really more of a permanent structure. And i'm not even sure if that exists anymore. I always thought it was mainly a traffic concern. But Yglesias suggests, and has talked about in more detail in the past, that the reason you have these laws restricting the movement of food trucks is because the brick & mortar restaurants are lobbying for it because the trucks are a threat to them.

Depending on how you frame it, it's either a conservative anti-regulation argument or a "more democracy in local government" argument (especially in a college town where the customers aren't voters).

By fnord12 | March 28, 2013, 1:58 PM | Liberal Outrage