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Grist for my mill

Just preserving this for myself:

"This whole things of events/crossovers, when will stop it, I would like to see how books and characters grow in their own books / limited series and not see them again and again immersed in the same things, it is assumed that there are villains, why it is supposed that they (Heroes) have to fight among them again and again? - Anonymous"

We'll stop doing these big Event series when you guys stop doing them. A number of years back, when the chatter about "Event Fatigue" reached a certain point, we decided to go into THE HEROIC AGE without doing an Event that year. And our sales got clobbered as a result. Like it or not, what you guys choose to purchase and follow guides what we make, since we need and want to stay in business. - Tom Brevoort

By fnord12 | August 14, 2013, 3:36 PM | Comics