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The "Operators" of Captain "O"

Here's Captain "O".

Don't bother squinting.  You don't want any of that crap.

When the accident that transformed Oliver Olympic into Captain "O" also killed his wife Ruth, he used his newly gained power to manipulate children into extorting money from their parents and their parents' friends to create clones of Ruth to become his "Operators".

Here is the only surviving photo of Ruth. Note the lack of a crown or lightning bolt shirt. She can be considered the "Eve" of Captain "O"'s cloned operator entourage.

She seems to be giving us the thumbs up.  'It's ok, honey.  You can clone me.  I know you will only use the clones to trick children into your little ponzi scheme or whatever, and not in any deviant ways that will betray my memory.'

And here are the "Operator" clones.

Captain! Oh!

Why i felt the need to share this with you is known only to me, but if you would like to know more, leave a comment and ask for fnord. He or another SuperMegaMonkey operator is waiting to respond.

By fnord12 | August 1, 2013, 1:44 PM | Comics


Awww hilarious.. Another good blog topic would be to pinpoint when exactly mail order retailers began to question whether shipping live capuchin monkeys thru usps was a good idea.