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Time to Stop Accepting Online Misogyny

I've been pretty certain all my life that's it's not ok to tell someone you hope they get cancer and die. I've also been pretty sure my entire adult life that it's not ok to walk up to someone and threaten to rape them because they held an opinion contrary to your own. That if such a thing should occur, that person would be reported to the police for making a threat.

I apparently never got the memo that if you do it on the internet, it's ok. It's ok to threaten a woman with rape for wanting Jane Austen's picture to be on currency, or making a video about female stereotypes in video games, or doing well at a Magic tournament. You ladies should quit being so sensitive. Women!

It's so prevalent that women who receive these threats accept it as a normal course of events and don't bother reporting it. Just ignore the trolls.

Freeman, whose latest column How to use the internet without being a total loser addressed the issue of misogynistic online abuse, said: "I get loads of abuse on Twitter. That I should just 'go back to the kitchen', or someone saying they can't wait until women lose the vote.

"Because of the bomb threat this time I called the police. There was that guy arrested for threatening to blow up an airport. If it's illegal to threaten to bomb an airport, it's illegal to threaten to bomb me."

Despite having received rape threats in the past, she only felt the need to report the bomb threat. The problem with that is it creates an atmosphere of tacit approval. So the douchebag misogynists feel no qualms about continuing with their behavior, becoming bolder, threatening to blow women up for supporting a campaign to put a woman on the pound note. I can't emphasize enough how insane that is.

Well, hopefully, they've finally gone too far with this bomb threat. Hopefully, more and more women will feel they are justified in reporting death threats, rape threats, general harassment, etc., and the online community will continue to be less and less tolerant of it.

Having occasionally been stupid enough to read the comments section of articles, i doubt it. But i still hope it.

By min | August 1, 2013, 11:01 AM | Liberal Outrage

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

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