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Can we bomb them just a little bit, huh? Can we, pleeease?

Kerry has really made an ass of himself on the topic of Syria.

Today is also the day of Obama's "media blitz" to get the public behind this. As Kevin Drum notes, this is a rare occasion where Obama is using the bully pulpit. Drum says the only other time he remembers Obama using it was during the health care debate, but i actually remember him being pretty subdued on that, certainly not pushing for the public option. The only other time i can remember is when they were pushing for gun control. And as i said at that time, on all other occasions, administration supporters would just sort of shrug their shoulders and say there's only so much the executive branch can do, and it's all up to Congress.

But for Syria, the big guns come out. The unbelievably small big guns.

By fnord12 | September 9, 2013, 11:20 AM | Liberal Outrage