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That's Just So Wrong

It's bad enough that crocodiles exist at all. They're prehistoric! Why haven't they died out or evolved into something new ferchrissakes??? *shudder*

And now this!

Crocodiles can climb trees. And they do it well, too: Some of the toothy reptiles have been spotted as high as 32 feet up a tree.
To determine just how frequently crocodiles climb into trees, the team looked in several places. The first was published scientific literature -- all three references, one of which, dating back to 1972, described how baby crocodiles could "climb into bushes, up trees and even hang on reeds like chameleons."
In Australia, they saw crocodiles in trees -- and spotted one individual attempting to scale a chain-link fence. In the Everglades and Central America, many crocodiles were spotted basking on the concealed lower branches of mangrove trees. At some of these sites, the only way the reptiles could have reached their resting spot was by climbing up the tree trunk itself. And in Africa, Nile crocodiles and their relatives were seen just as frequently in trees as were some birds. In many instances, these reptiles were lying on tree limbs that were nowhere near the water. One was spotted on a log 13 feet above the water and 16 feet from the riverbank. "To reach this site the crocodile would have had to scale a [13-foot] completely vertical bank and then walk amongst the branches to reach the end of the tree," the authors reported.

WTF?? Next you'll be telling me sharks can come out on land. Goddamned landsharks!

By min | February 12, 2014, 9:45 AM | Science