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I see the problem now

We didn't all pitch in our $2 back in 1995. Of course the Clone Saga had already been running for about a year, but we could have at least kept it from going into 1996.

And we would have gotten a whole bunch of junk for our trouble, too:

By fnord12 | March 3, 2015, 1:26 PM | Comics


The hilarious part is that according to Glenn Greenberg, Marvel had already realized the Clone Saga was a mistake and was trying to get Peter back by July 1995. But even accounting for a few months' delays between production and the issues hitting the stand, it took them a ridiculously long time to get Peter back, because the story had spun completely out of control.

Hey, speaking of terrible 90s cash grab ads, I'm reading some 1992 comics right now and came across the Marvel Master Vision two-page horizontal ad, which I remember was very tempting when I was a child. You were supposed to call a toll number and answer trivia questions, entering grid coordinates from a Jim Lee poster in the ad.

There's not much about it online. Apparently if you won, you got a copy of the poster. I'm wondering if anyone has any recollection of what the questions were. I was always curious about that.

I remember that poster but i never called the number.

I remember that ad, but I never saw the $2 request...if I did, I'd be like that paperboy from Better Off Dead - "Two dollars!!!"