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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Daredevil #13 - I can see why Marvel doesn't always announce their cancellations. I'm not dropping this book, but whenever i get an issue my first question is "Oh, is this the last one?" and even if it's not i read it mainly to look for signs of things getting wrapped up. For what it's worth, there aren't any (as far as i can tell), and i should really just relax and enjoy the issue. Which, as usual, is pretty good. Glad to see the continued use the Shroud. As for the attempt at a role-reversal between Daredevil and Kristen McDuffie, i like it in isolation. It was done well, and i'm happy in general for any effort to not treat the female love interests as damsels in distress. But let's face facts: Daredevil is 100% right about what happens to his girlfriends. I don't know what Waid's intentions are with this book, but at some point Kristen is going to end up a suicidal alcoholic porn star junkie with a sai in her chest. Well, i take that back. Maybe Kristen can hold out until Secret Wars, when as far as i'm concerned the Marvel Universe ends, and then she'll be the one that made it.

By fnord12 | March 4, 2015, 5:39 PM | Comics