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Pays for itself and everything else

Sorry if i'm beating a dead horse. But this is the economist that the Wall Street Journal cited in their scary 'Bernie's plan would cost $18 trillion dollars' article, $15 trillion of which was for a single payer system (which wasn't actually Bernie's proposal, but never mind that for now):

The Journal correctly puts the additional federal spending for health care under HR 676 (a single payer health plan) at $15 trillion over ten years. It neglects to add, however, that by spending these vast sums, we would, as a country, save nearly $5 trillion over ten years in reduced administrative waste, lower pharmaceutical and device prices, and by lowering the rate of medical inflation.

By fnord12 | September 16, 2015, 3:05 PM | Liberal Outrage

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

I've already mentioned this before, but, like Bernie, i was annoyed to see Hillary using this line of attack in the debates.    Read More: Sanders pushes back on Clinton's attacks from the right