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Denmark's an Asshole

And Switzerland and Germay, too, apparently.

Ugh. Link

Following similar moves in Switzerland and southern Germany, Denmark's parliament voted on Tuesday to allow police to search asylum seekers on arrival in the country and confiscate any non-essential items worth more than 10,000 Danish kroner (about £1,000) that have no sentimental value to their owner.

The bill presented by the centre-right minority government of the prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, was approved after almost four hours of debate by 81 of the 109 lawmakers present, as members of the opposition Social Democrats and two small rightwing parties backed the measures.


The Danish government says the procedure is to cover the cost of each asylum seeker's treatment by the state, and mimics treatment of Danish citizens on welfare benefits.

Social Democrat Dan Jørgensen addressed opponents of the bill, demanding: "To those saying what we are doing is wrong, my question is: What is your alternative?

"The alternative is that we continue to be [one of] the most attractive countries in Europe to come to, and then we end up like Sweden."

I don't know what the solution is, but i can't see how searching refugees and confiscating their valuables can be the answer you ended up with. What the hell is wrong with you, Denmark? You're going to shake them down while they're asking you to give them a safe haven? Oh, and nice dig at Sweden, too.

But opponents of the law argue that while refugees can in general still expect to be treated humanely in Denmark, the new legislation is ethically unsound. Pernille Skipper, an MP and legal affairs spokesperson for Enhedslisten, a leftwing Danish party, said: "Morally it is a horrible way to treat people fleeing mass crimes, war, rapes. They are fleeing from war and how do we treat them? We take their jewellery."


By min | January 26, 2016, 2:19 PM | Liberal Outrage


Not to defend this at all, but the European countries taking in refugees are really reeling under the pressure. They are trying to be generous and open their doors but are being criticized from all sides for doing so.

Recently, a Danish girl was arrested for using pepper spray on a refugee who tried to rape her in a park. Pepper spray is illegal in Denmark. The perp got away. This is the type of news that is reaching the average Dane.

To be honest, the best thing for these countries to do is what Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and all of the neighboring countries are doing, refuse entry. Saudi Arabia could easily house all the refugees, they just dont want to.

The countries that are doing most of the bombing (USA and Russia) should take in the refugees. not tiny Denmark.

and stop bloody bombing.

Stop bombing ISIS ?


Maybe you should remember who we are fighting ?

The problem is little smug little articles that try to focus blame on little oddities like this, rather than the people fighting the war. Denmark is a tiny country trying to help. They are making sure that people coming for aid don't have wealth they are trying to hide (the same way the US checks welfare receivers to make sure they don't have wealth they are hiding). So Denmark is criticized for trying to help.

In other words, punish those trying to help because they aren't doing it in the way you want. Denmark pays everything out of their own pocket.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Smith. You don't somehow lose refugee status if you have a little - or even a lot! - of cash. Your premise, and the comparison to welfare (which you also might not properly understand) is absurd. The defining trait of refugees is that they have been forced to flee their home due to persecution or catastrophe - the idea that we should be ok with host nations shaking 'em down "to see if they're hiding anything of value" totally misses the point.

Cul, I seriously doubt Denmark is trying to make money on refugees. They are just trying not to bankrupt their nation by taking them in.

Calling them Asshole because they arent doing the selfless act the way you want them to do it totally misses the point.

As I said, Im not ok with it, but I'm trying to look at the bigger picture of Denmark. They are doing much more right than wrong.

After you start opening your own home to refugees, then you can criticize how they do it. I highly doubt you personally are doing anything to help.

Or try criticizing the neighboring nations, like Saudi Arabia, that have the funds and means to take them in, but refuse to.

Have a nice day:-)