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Of course there's no reason for President Trump to grant us this

Looking at Kevin Drum's round-up of headlines on Trump's latest victory, i was thinking how Trump is making a great argument for instant run-off voting. This has been a progressive goal for a long time, with the idea of strengthening third party runs. I vote for Ralph Nader, but i mark Al Gore as my second choice, so if Nader doesn't win i'm not tipping the election to Bush. In the Republican primaries right now, Trump is getting the largest percentage of the vote, but it's (usually) not a clear majority. It's just that the majority of the votes are split out among a number of other candidates. Now, granted, the second choice of, say, Ted Cruz or Ben Carson voters may very well be Trump anyway, but it would at least give the 'establishment track' candidates a fighting chance.

By fnord12 | February 24, 2016, 12:56 PM | Liberal Outrage


IRV has its own issues. I'm partial to rangevoting.org. Among other things, I think it's simpler for the average voter to understand.

That actually looks more complicated for the average voter to me than just picking a first and second choice, but i'm good with this or any option that lets people choose more than a single preference.