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Thank you, New Hampshire

To celebrate, let's re-read this article of Philip Bump being an asshole in June.

By fnord12 | February 9, 2016, 9:17 PM | Liberal Outrage


-I'm pretty sure my sister has it right that Sanders only ran in the first place hoping for nothing more than a Perot Effect - to get his issues out there in the national conversation, treated with respect. He can't possibly have thought to do as well as he has, not being an obvious megalomaniac, and being Bernie Sanders.

I'd say he's already won big, looking at it like that.

Yup, he's changed the conversation and shown what inspires young Democratic voters. Smart politicians are hopefully taking note.

But hey, let's not write the obituary yet!

You know, one bit of good I see him accomplishing already is that he's hit on a populist style that, in my political adulthood, the left has been very bad at and conceded to the right. He inspires, as you say - and not, I think, in the emperor-has-no-clothes way Bakrama turned out to...