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Democrats own healthcare now

I'm linking to an article about Hillary Clinton struggling to answer a question on Obamacare at a town hall, but i don't mean it in the context of the primary wars. The point is that every time someone has a problem with their health insurance, every time something is confusing, every time prices go up, it's now going to be thought of as part of the ACA, whether that's fair or not, or whether the person is doing the right things or not. This is the cost of going with the Rube Goldberg compromise that is the ACA.

It's certainly true that an "everybody can buy into Medicare" solution would have come with its own disruptions, but it would have been much simpler to explain, and that simplicity has major political value, which in turn has major practical value. People could not irrationally blame the system when their private insurance goes up, analysts (like the one in the article) could not blame people for making the wrong decisions on the exchange (or for not using the exchange), etc.. The Medicare solution would also have problems, but people and politicians would understand what those problems were and they could be identified without having to interview each person in great detail. And that would help in a big way with people that (think that they) don't like the ACA, which puts it at much more risk than it should be.

By fnord12 | March 15, 2016, 8:24 AM | Liberal Outrage


I hated Obamacare back in 1993 when it was Hillarycare and she got it from a conservative think tank. The insurance companies are the problem in the medical industry, not the solution.

I very much appreciate the intent of the ACA and loathe the opposition, but it's a very wrong-headed approach.

What you said, in short.