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Kind of cute

Thank you Dems abroad, Idaho, and Utah. 70-80% blow-outs is pretty amazing.

As for Arizona, Clinton won big, and that is bad news for Sanders. But the situation in Arizona was a disaster. Too few polling stations, resulting in insanely long lines, and people that switched registration from Independent to Democrat to vote in the primary only to wait on those very long lines find out that their switch didn't happen. Lifelong Democrats are claiming it happened to them, too. And apparently the AP called the state for Hillary while people were still on line, which is malpractice when delegates are awarded proportionally. It's the sort of thing that breeds legitimate suspicion. And we've been seeing failures along these lines in most of the primaries so far (not necessarily this bad). It would be nice if our media could devote some attention to it on a national level, but as Nate Silver said:

I'm watching the coverage on CNN tonight, and they seem to regard the long lines in Arizona, Idaho and Utah as kind of cute, instead of something that's pretty much an outrage in a democratic country.

By fnord12 | March 23, 2016, 7:22 AM | Liberal Outrage


Suspicion, sure, but legitimate? Personally I never blame on conspiracy what can be pinned to incompetence..

I live in AZ, and I can report that when I went in to vote, I saw the longest lines ever. Thankfully, I only came in to drop off my early voting ballot so I could cut in front of the line, drop it off, and leave. I get the early ballot, but I only fill it out the night before and drop it off at the station.