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Oh well, Bernie

Keep fighting the good fight.

By fnord12 | March 16, 2016, 9:05 AM | Liberal Outrage


i'm not voting for her so you people had better do something to fix this.

Min, you gotta vote for her. What if it comes down to her and Trump? Can you imagine a world with Trump as president? Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhh! I thought Trump was good for a laugh at the beginning but this is getting serious now. What if he gets Bill Gates to shut the internet down? Yeah, not good. No more Supermegamonkey for you anyone. Seriously, though. I'm worried about him becoming president all the other politicans in the world will run rings around him. The man's an idiota.

Min, you don't have to vote for Clinton. In the likely event that she is the Democrat nominee, the most Sanders-like candidate for President will be from the Green Party (the frontrunner for their nominee is Jill Stein). The only problem with this solution is that, if you live in a swing state, then voting for Stein might help Trump win your state.

I imagine Senator Sanders is going to keep fighting the good fight clear up to the convention. He's loveably stubborn that way. I actually mean his stubbornness is part of his appeal. He's not in it for the personal attention.

Has anyone read the new Vogue article about wasshername? I thought it was fascinating.

@BU, I haven't. I've actually been trying to wean myself off the politics. Is it something we should see?

@Stevie, i'm not sure what counts as a swing state when it comes to Trump. We live in Jersey, which is normally safe blue, at least in presidential elections, and we've voted Green before. But our governor has endorsed Trump and i could see this state going to him. I guess we'll see what it looks like when we get closer.

I don't want to get ordered to eat anything again ;) but it was clear Mrs. Clinton trusted the reporter, and there's a lot of details like her eating supper out of a tupperware at her campaign headquarters desk during an interview - I stumbled over it two days after she admitted that she didn't have a talent for campaigning like her husband's and thought the piece, dwelling much on the difference between what she's like in the hallway and how she acts in the room - I just thought it was very illuminating...


fnord, that last sentence couldn't be truer.


...None of which makes up for her collaborating as a Senator, of course...

Of the 27 primaries remaining, the Sanders campaign seems confident their primary opponent holds no other upper hand born of previous campaigns, but rather, with proper turnout, is home to their formula of successful demographics.
I had avoided perusing politics overly much here in deep red Georgia, where I'm visiting family and making the most of things until we head somewhere more purple and economically vivacious. My opinions of Bernie go back to his panelist appearances dating to the Obama campaign, while I've tried to avoid excessive exposure to over-exposed candidates. With a young voter now in the family, I felt a civic duty to dig around again and be better versed in policies. There's just a point where you have to decide if there's too much emotional trash in the way of your actual aims: the sweet point between informed and poisoned!

Bernie Sanders Says Victory Means More Than Beating Hillary Clinton

The interview with the Young Turks was pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggFitmOTSok

We laughed when he said what was paraphrased in your article, which was basically, "Yeah, if i don't win, they should endorse my entire platform".

Article about min...


I LOVED the line about Rockefeller Republicans...