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Where's My Juice?

During the study, bonobos, chimpanzees and orangutans were "invited" one at a time to sit in a room and drink juice while watching a sequence of scenarios on a video monitor.


To capture the apes' attention, the researchers made each experimental scenario into a high stakes television drama starring a mysterious apelike character (a researcher in a gorilla suit), whom they dubbed King Kong.
In one scenario the King Kong figure pretended to attack a researcher, then hid in one of two hay bales, moving to the other bale while the researcher watched. Then the researcher left for awhile before returning with a stick to look for King Kong, who had left the scene while the researcher was away. In another scenario the costumed figure moved to the other hay bale after the researcher left and then departed entirely. The researchers also set up the same two scenarios in a slightly different setting--instead of hiding himself, King Kong hid a stolen rock under one of two boxes before removing it completely.

Apes from all three species consistently passed the test; even though the animals knew King Kong or the rock was gone, when the researcher returned to search for it, they consistently looked at the hay bale or box where the person had last seen the object and presumably still thought it was hidden.

I think i could pass this test. It's way easier than the one fnord12 gave me during our last D&D session.

fnord12: I'm going to name something and you have to say what beats it. You have to answer immediately. Ready? Sheep.

min: ...Axe!

fnord12: O...K...I guess that's right, too.

min: What? What were you thinking?

fnord12: Wolf?

min: Ohhh....that makes sense...

By min | October 7, 2016, 9:02 AM | Science