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Residents of Flint Can't Get Clean Water, But...

Nestle can pump whatever they want for practically nothing. It's only 10:30am and my brain's about to explode. I need to stop reading the news.

Michigan regulators were deluged with angry comments this week, after reports that the state had drafted a permit approval for Nestlé to nearly double the amount of groundwater it pumps from a plant in Evart, Michigan to 210m gallons a year.

The pumping increase is only expected to cost the Swiss food giant $200 a year, and possibly the price of a permit fee, because its bottling plant in Evart is considered a private well under state law, regulators said.

Don't forget the profit Nestle makes from people buying bottled water and sending it to the residents of Michigan so that they don't have to drink lead-filled water. Essentially, selling Michigan's water back to them. ARGH!

Groundwater should be a public resource. It shouldn't be fucking Tank Girl.


By min | November 30, 2016, 10:37 AM | Liberal Outrage