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Stupid Cloud


Russian digital forensics firm Elcomsoft has found that Apple's mobile devices automatically send a user's call history to the company's servers if iCloud is enabled -- but the data gets uploaded in many instances without user choice or notification.

"You only need to have iCloud itself enabled" for the data to be sent, said Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft.

The logs surreptitiously uploaded to Apple contain a list of all calls made and received on an iOS device, complete with phone numbers, dates and times, and duration. They also include missed and bypassed calls. Elcomsoft said Apple retains the data in a user's iCloud account for up to four months, providing a boon to law enforcement who may not be able to obtain the data either from the user's carrier, who may retain the data for only a short period, or from the user's device, if it's encrypted with an unbreakable passcode.

I never liked the idea of the cloud as a storage space. Why would i trust putting my music and my files and my pictures out there to be stored somewhere else? Convenience. I know. Just keep making portable storage devices smaller so i can carry my stuff around all the time. Like my iPod.

In some cases Elcomsoft's tool can help customers access the iCloud even without account credentials, if they can obtain an authentication token for the account from the accountholder's computer, allowing them to get iCloud data without Apple's help. The use of authentication tokens also bypasses two-factor authentication if the accountholder has set this up to prevent a hacker from getting into their account, Elcomsoft notes on its web site.
Apple isn't the only company syncing call logs to the cloud. Android phones do it as well, and Windows 10 mobile devices also sync call logs by default with other Windows 10 devices that use the same Microsoft Account. Katalov said there are too many Android smartphone versions to test but his company's research indicates that call log syncing occurs only with Android 6.x and newer versions. As with Apple devices, the only way for a user to disable the call history syncing is to disable syncing completely.

Fnord12 pointed out that "the cloud" is just servers on the internet and all of our passwords are in "the cloud". BWAH! That's not helpful! That doesn't make me feel better!

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