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TPM getting stupid

No, Bernie Sanders didn't ask his supporters to "ditch" identity politics.

I read TPM basically from the beginning, starting when it did during the Bush years. But i got pretty disappointed with it after Obama was elected, and things that we used to scream about - drone warfare, NSA spying, etc.. - suddenly became ok (or basically invisible). But i continued to read TPM for the center-left (or partisan-left) perspective and the basic political news coverage and have linked to it frequently. I got interested during the primary when owner Josh Marshall polled his subscription readers (which doesn't include me) and found that a majority supported Bernie. But, interestingly, that didn't result in more positive coverage of Bernie or even (in the beginning, when there was basically a Bernie Blackout) any coverage, really. Except for the occasional click-bait out-of-context Frankenquote article like the one above. I figured that shit would at least stop after the primary, but apparently not.

The framing TPM chose actually gets to what i wrote two posts down, where we're supposedly facing this dichotomy between addressing civil rights issues and helping the ("white") working class. If Bernie is advocating helping the working class, then he must be telling his supporters to "ditch" support for civil rights.

min: Ugh TPM. To say it is only getting stupid is incredibly generous. They've been willfully blind and even stauch defenders when it came to Obama's policies on drones and spying and immigration and incarceration and pretty much everything that would have caused them to scream bloody murder had it been a Republican doing the same things. So disappointed in them and Kos and so many others these last 8 years.

By fnord12 | November 21, 2016, 12:58 PM | Liberal Outrage