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Who will stand up for the voiceless center?

Why it's Tony Blair! Just in time for Donald Trump to be considering the likes of John Bolton for his administration. Maybe Blair will follow us into another war.

Blair's concern is as much to galvanise what he considers a voiceless centre ground so that it can recover the traction it has lost in recent years to a resurgent populist politics. Details have yet to be finalised, but the main focus will be hard policy answers to issues such as stagnating wages, immigration, anti-elitism and attitudes to globalisation.

Critics claim that Blair personifies the global elite and a political class that has lost the trust of the electorate, and would therefore be a gift to the Brexit cause.

But an ally has argued: "He believes there is a vacuum in the centre of British politics, where no one is articulating the view of millions. He also thinks the centre left needs to recover its radicalism. He thinks Labour has suspended all intellectual thought. He is very focused on policy, not just Europe, partly as a way to legitimise his political presence."

The centre left needs to recover its radicalism? What does that even mean? Go home, ally of Tony Blair. You're drunk.

min: Did Tony Blair get fired from his job managing PR for rich Middle Eastern oil field owners? What's with all the old guard coming back into politics? First Sarkozy and now Blair.

And there's certainly nothing more radical left than fighting populists.

By fnord12 | November 22, 2016, 7:34 AM | Liberal Outrage