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For whatever reason, my inability to see pictures in my head came up a lot in conversations irl this weekend. I didn't realize until college that most people could actually see pictures in their heads, and i still wasn't sure if i believed that people could really do it. But we've been watching Falling Water recently, and so we've been talking about dreams. Min has very vivid dreams and she can actually control them, which is really weird in a different direction, and she's been asking friends if they can do that (no one can). But in talking about that, my lack of ability to see pictures at all has come up. I've googled about it before and found nothing, but apparently in the last year or so the condition (?) has been identified and named Aphantasia. Here are two news articles about it: NYT and BBC. And here's a really good explainer about it from the co-founder of Firefox, who has the same "condition".

I do dream. I very very rarely remember them, usually only when i've been woken up in the middle. But like the commenter at the bottom of this article, the dreams are like "narration", not a movie in my head.

No idea if this "explains" anything about me, since it's all perfectly normal to me. And it's not like there's anything weird about me that needs to be explained. Right?!

By fnord12 | December 12, 2016, 8:53 AM | My stupid life & Science

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey : chronocomic

I have aphantasia so i may be missing something, but i think it's weird that Storm didn't know that she couldn't see an image of Post in her head.    Read More: Cable #33