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Well, we were complaining that they were only eating the bushes over to the right, making them all skinny and sad-looking compared to the rest. So i guess we can't complain now.

They still only target the middles of the bushes. Guess there's no point in straining your neck when there's plenty to eat at face level. Guess it wouldn't be wise to ask that our neighborhood get a sudden influx of giraffes.

I always have to remind myself that it's awesome that this beautiful wildlife just wanders around in our backyard. Because the initial reaction to seeing deer eating your bushes is, "Fuckers! Get da fug out of here!". Hey, those bushes are the only thing keeping us from having to interact with our neighbors in the summer, so you can't blame us.

By fnord12 | January 24, 2017, 8:12 AM | My stupid life

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

After visits from deer, squirrels, and baby bunnies, the latest visitor is a fox, who chased a squirrel up a bush. We also have house finches nesting in a different bush, but luckily the fox didn't notice them (i would...    Read More: What does the fox hunt?