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It's not "the list", it's the platform

This Mother Jones article shows how Democrats are treating Bernie Sanders' supporters' emails like they are the next artifact that Indiana Jones should go searching for. Like as if they could just get access to "the list", they could raise all this money. Tom Perez, the guy the establishment is supporting so that Bernie's ally Keith Ellison doesn't win, is quoted saying that he wants "to learn from Senator Sanders about how he did it."

It's not a frickin mystery. The truth is the DNC probably already has "the list". But people ignore the appeals from the DNC because the DNC has a garbage message (as the article points out, their strange and persistent "we're doomed" line of messaging has been a huge joke among left wing Dems for several cycles now; it's become very clear that fear mongering about Republicans is not enough). And even if it mimicked Bernie's message, people aren't going to believe it coming from group that did everything they could to sink Bernie during the primary. If they want Bernie's record breaking small donors, they have to truly become Bernie's party.

The article quotes Bernie people saying this, and weirdly concedes that "there's some truth to it". That's all the truth. There isn't a secret cache of humans hidden out there that would donate to the DNC if only someone could find their email addresses. That's just not how it's works, and that should be self-evident. It's also weird how the article pitches Perez and Ellison as being in equal spots. We (the people on "the list") know that Bernie's pushing for Ellison. The situation will be very different if he wins vs. Perez. If you want "the list" to do its magic for you, the minimum that has to happen is that you make Ellison head of the DNC.

By fnord12 | February 7, 2017, 7:17 AM | Liberal Outrage