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Young American women are poorer than their moms and grandmas, and more likely to commit suicide.

Improvements in young women's economic security began to stagnate during the mid-1990s, and their struggles have continued into the millennial generation, particularly among women without college degrees, the report said.


The eroding social safety net, violence against women, unequal pay -- the Bureau of Labor Statistics put the median weekly earnings of full-time working men at $895 in 2015 compared to $726 for women--were other factors hindering the overall well-being of young women, according to the report.

African American women, Latinas, American Indian and Alaska native women were most susceptible to bad outcomes, compared to their white and Asian American counterparts, Mather said.

We're previously seen the increasing death (suicide) rate for older white men. So it's basically everyone.

By fnord12 | June 26, 2017, 10:35 AM | Liberal Outrage