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Still sucking

The Senate Republicans have released the horrific details of their healthcare bill today (instead of just targeting Obamacare, it destroys Medicaid). And how is the Democrats' pledge to halt Senate business over Obamacare repeal going? The Senate just voted 89-10 for cloture on a Trump appointee.

Relatedly, Steny Hoyer (Pelosi's #2) basically says "Nah" to the idea of protests (see Jeff Stein's surrounding tweets as well).

I was thinking about this when i wrote the post on Pelosi below. It's actually kind of hard, years later, to itemize all the reason that a politician sucks or why the Dems as a whole are so hapless. The final votes on any particular bill are really symbolic. What really matters are the procedural steps along the way. Years later, we'll be able to look up that all Dems voted against the AHCA. But that won't be what really mattered. Republicans managed to shut down Obama for basically his entire presidency. Dems get rolled over because they don't fight the same way.

By fnord12 | June 22, 2017, 3:00 PM | Liberal Outrage