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There's no referee

This has been going around but people are taking the wrong message from it. This chart just shows what chumps Democrats are. It's embarrassing that Democrats allowed the GOP to make 160 changes to a bill that none of them voted for. It's pathetic. No regular person cares how many hours of "debate" (i.e., giving a speech to an empty room in front of a C-SPAN camera) a bill had. They elect their representatives and expect them to do things. The Democrats just seemed fundamentally incapable of understanding that.

The "debate" on this has been going on since (at least) 2008. We know what's at stake.

If you want to rally people against this bill, talk about the policy. Talk about how many people will die because of lack of insurance. Talk about how many old people will get kicked out of retirement homes. Tell people how they'll lose their subsidies. Don't whine that "norms" are being violated. That's arcane procedural stuff to most people.

By fnord12 | June 26, 2017, 8:57 AM | Liberal Outrage