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You guys suck at this

As everyone who follows politics knows, the Senate Republicans are working on an Obamacare Repeal bill with an unprecedented ("norms breaking") amount of secrecy. No hearings, the bill itself is not available for review (apparently even to the rank & file Republicans), etc.. In response to this, activists have been pressuring Senate Democrats to pull out all the stops in slowing down all Senate business, both as a way to literally delay the effects of the bill and also just as a way to highlight what the Republicans are doing, since the media has not been reporting it. Yesterday it finally seemed like we made some headway on that front.

And today, the Dem Senators nearly unanimously voted to confirm/move forward some Trump nominees (Sigal Mandelker as a Treasury Under Secretary and Brock Long as FEMA head).

Republicans constantly held up confirmations to grind down the Obama agenda. I am on record in saying we should get rid of "the filibuster" (defined broadly as all of the procedural bullshit that the minority can use to slow things down or bring them to a halt) but the Dems always unilaterally disarm.

By fnord12 | June 20, 2017, 3:44 PM | Liberal Outrage