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Children Dying in Foster Care Isn't News

Why is the foster system for-profit???

Children in the for-profit foster care system are dying at alarming rates, but the deaths are not being investigated, a two-year investigation has found.

The investigation, conducted and released in rare bipartisan fashion by the Senate Finance Committee, looked closely at one of the largest private providers of foster care services, the MENTOR Network.

The companies and agencies charged with keeping foster children safe often failed to provide the most basic protections or take steps to prevent tragedies, the investigation found.

In the wake of the report, shares of the MENTOR Network's parent company, Civitas Solutions, traded sharply downward, but quickly rebounded amid a lack of press coverage.


As always, only life that involves controlling a woman's womb merits attention.

By min | October 22, 2017, 3:37 PM | Liberal Outrage