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More JG

In my last post, i looked at the Federal Jobs Guarantee as competition for UBI, and found it wanting. Matt Bruenig is pretty down on JG just on its own terms. It's for a lot of the same reasons that i think UBI needs to come first. What i was most focused on is the odd way that JG proponents suddenly have all these right wing criticisms of UBI, which is weird on its own (since JG is clearly a left policy too) and especially weird since the same criticisms of UBI can apply to JG. I do think that in some ideal world after we have Medicare For All and UBI and (as Bruenig notes) Universal Child Care, we could move on to trying to implement JG, whereas Bruenig almost makes it seem hopeless (even ignoring the rhetorical nine children thing). I guess the key is to accept that JG jobs would have to be make-work, which is something that JG proponents won't come to grips with.

By fnord12 | March 22, 2018, 12:40 PM | Liberal Outrage