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Phil Murphy vs. idiots

I wasn't too thrilled with the way Phil Murphy got the nomination for governor, but he's shaping up to be pretty decent. Unfortunately, he's running into opposition from other idiot Democrats.

Idiot number one is the much hated boss of southern Jersey, Steve Sweeney, who asks if we won't please think of the poor millionaires?

Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat, said he is concerned that a millionaires tax would be too much in addition to the new federal tax law, which capped previously unlimited annual state and local tax deductions at $10,000 for individual and married filers. Mr. Sweeney previously sponsored several bills that would have raised income taxes on New Jersey residents earning more than $1 million, all of which were blocked by former Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

"We're going to jack up people's taxes and they can't write it off?" Mr. Sweeney asked. "The game changed when Washington passed this so-called tax cut."

Instead of a tax on millionaires, Mr. Sweeney has proposed raising the state's top corporate income tax to 12% from 9%...

Murphy's response to that is kind of cool, like fuck it, we'll do that too.

The governor told reporters last week that he was intrigued by Mr. Sweeney's proposal but wanted more details, including about how it would affect small businesses. Mr. Murphy said he didn't see it as a substitute for a millionaires tax, but "perhaps as an additional weapon at our disposal."

The other idiot has some serious paternalism for us:

At the same time, other Democratic lawmakers are balking at Mr. Murphy's proposal to legalize marijuana, which he has said could generate more than $300 million in tax revenue. Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter said she was concerned about how legalizing marijuana would affect urban residents' health and job prospects.

"Any job you go for, especially in health care, you're doing a drug screen," she noted.

A spokesman for the governor said he is still committed to legalizing marijuana. Mr. Sweeney said he strongly supports legalization but acknowledged that he doesn't yet have enough support from his Democratic caucus.

How about you let the people going to job interviews worry about that? And maybe if we legalize pot, that drug screen won't be needed (for a lot of jobs) either.

Anyway, once again we see why we can't have nice things.

By fnord12 | March 11, 2018, 7:22 PM | Liberal Outrage