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Abolish the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is just an undemocratic third legislative body where the "Justices" make up whatever laws they want based on whatever nonsense they feel like. Anyone who thinks otherwise should read this:

The past decade has borne fruit for this conservative judicial strategy, with the 2010 Citizens United case acting as a bellwether. In that case, the court ruled not only that corporations were speakers protected under the First Amendment, but also that corporate campaign contributions constituted protected speech-and therefore could not be limited. The decision triggered an avalanche of subsequent cases built upon similar logic. In 2011, the court struck down a Vermont law barring the sale of subscriber information to pharmaceutical companies. The Justices ruled that "speech in aid of pharmaceutical marketing ... is a form of speech" protected by the First Amendment. A year later, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a rule requiring companies to post federal labor protections on the grounds that it "compelled" companies to "speak" against their will. The same court later overturned an FDA rule requiring graphic warning labels on cigarettes, saying they too violated free speech by compelling tobacco companies to "speak."

By fnord12 | July 20, 2018, 10:53 AM | Liberal Outrage

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

...it also reminds me of how free speech is being used in dubious court arguments.    Read More: More twisting of "free speech"