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Motherfuckers Can Gallop??!!

What the fuck with your bullshit?

Zoologists have long known that some crocodiles can gallop and bound. You may have even seen freshwater crocodiles doing so on nature documentaries, pushing off with their front legs and swinging their rear limbs forward for a big spring. But, as biomechanics expert John Hutchinson and colleagues have revealed, at least seven species of crocodile are capable of what can honestly be called a "gallop." Alligators, by contrast, can move just as fast, but they can't, or don't, bound in the same frighteningly floppy way.

"Zoologists have long known"?? Excuse me? Why are this and the tree-climbing not on warning posters all over the world? Why isn't this part of the elementary school science curriculum? How come you're only telling me now?

Crocodiles shouldn't even exist anymore!!

By min | August 16, 2018, 11:07 PM | Science