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September 3, 2020

Site Update

This main site blog is basically defunct. But i abandoned it and the chronology sites rather suddenly 2 years ago. I think anyone following along at the time saw why i shut down, but since i've subsequently started sporadically doing updates on the comics project again, i thought i should put up a little post.

First - why i shut down the comments and forum and stopped doing reviews: A small part of it was dealing with the 90s. The quality was one thing; the sheer AMOUNT of comics i was feeling obligated to buy and review was the larger aspect of that. But those things by themselves i would probably have just powered through. The real issue was the comments. Most commenters were fine, and in fact awesome. I was always somewhat annoyed by some of the more nitpicky "corrections" and Um Actuallys but that was to be expected when writing on any nerd topic. It was the increasing nastiness from some commenters - towards me (which i again might have just powered through), towards each other, and towards creators. An unhinged screed directed at Kurt Busiek, in response to something he posted on the site, was the final straw. Somewhat relatedly, the site was also possibly getting too "big". Seeing that great creators like Busiek and Ron Frenz were aware enough of my site to post on it was kind of intimidating, in part because it made me think twice about being critical in my reviews. But it was the general nastiness, especially fights between commenters, that i just got sick of.

I do hope to continue working on the project. Last fall and winter i added 1995 to the project. I just did it with the comics i already owned; no large purchases for once. In some ways it was fun, in some ways it kinda sucked because i knew i was skipping too much stuff to really nail down the chronology. And i missed covering some "important" but awful events like the continuation of the Clone Saga. But i intend to go ahead and do the same thing for 1996.

My plan is to only do reviews in the winter months, from late fall through winter (up until i finish whatever year i'm working on). And only with whatever is currently in my collection, which is much less complete than you may think.

I'm not turning comments back on (yet, at least) but the forum is open again.

In not-really-related news, Min and i have moved to the mountains. The view from our deck:

We're in the Adirondacks, where winter starts early and is long, which means plenty of time for comic reviews!

By fnord12 | September 3, 2020, 7:28 PM | Comics & My stupid life| Link

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