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Recap 09 - April 28th & May 6th, 2007

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Reverse Recap

In a nutshell, the party continues to explore the Temple of the Kopru. In doing so, they fought an avatar of each of the Major and Minor Factions in order to retrieve a necklace (except for the Sleestack faction, who gave up their necklace willingly).

Here are some potential open items (which may or may not be red herrings):

  • What is the purpose of the jade disc and how does it relate to the problems on the mainland (you know, the whole point of this quest)?
  • Where's Leento?
  • Why would the Sleestacks be so willing to help the party so soon after trying to kill them all, and can they be trusted?
  • What will happen when the necklaces are placed on the statues in the basement room?
  • The ice gem is meant to somehow destroy the Kopru's living environment, but how is it employed?
  • What are the giant poisonous insects up to, and what's down that corridor?
  • Are the Octopus Shield or the Leaping Wolf sword related to any of this?
  • How can the collapsable canoe, the double barrel crossbow, and the restraining fork be removed from the pedestals in the Invention Room without the party being killed by the iron golem?
  • Is the saga of Malouf's possessed sword truly over? And what of the axe that he's received from his 'brother'?
  • What other areas of interest are listed on the map that was found in the Engine Room?

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