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Is Captain Marvel key to the end of Civil War?

This weekend i read The Return, which brings the long dead Captain Marvel into the Marvel Universe via a dimensional warp from the past. Based on the Mark Gruenwald rules of time travel, which states that whenever you travel backward or forward in time you actually create an alternate dimension (thus eliminating all those messy paradoxes of people changing the past or learning their future), this isn't the "real" Captain Marvel so it's not really a "return".

It was a really bad comic, poorly written, poorly paced, and leaving you with a real feeling of "what's the point?", and i assumed it was just a throw-away time filler because Civil War is running so late. But then after reading a few things on the newsgroups, i remembered that Nitro, the villain whose explosion started the Civil War, was also the man who (inadvertantly) killed Captain Marvel by exposing him to the toxins that gave him cancer.

Now, if you ignore the Gruenwald time travel rules, you could easily imagine a Civil War "reboot" that involves Captain Marvel learning about Nitro giving him cancer and/or starting the Civil War, and when he travels back in time to stop Nitro once and for all, he stops the events that cause Civil War. This would be incredibly lame and judging from the post-Civil War projects that are coming out it doesn't seem likely, but it could be an "out" if fan reaction to the new status quo is very bad.

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Civil War II

The Super-Hero Registration Act comes to Earth and learns about the human condition.

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Marvel Sales for December

P O'B's analysis up on The Beat.

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My hobbies are not like your hobbies.

You know you're doing things right when you're slogging through comments like this:

Okay, WI?* (v2) 33, which diverged with UXM* 137, established that Rachel Summers was conceived during UXM 132. This is assuming temporal parallelism, but Rachel was noted as being nine months old during the events of Secret Wars I, which means that they took place eighteen months after Kitty joined the team.

Yeah, but assuming temporal parallelism gets you into all kinds of trouble.

*What If?
**Uncanny X-Men

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Marvel Sales Analysis!

Paul O'Brien's November Marvel sales analysis.

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Hiya kids!

I'm sorry this image is so big, but i don't have photoshop at work anymore*.

*Not that i post on my blog while i'm at work, ofc.

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