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It doesn't take much to get Alan Moore spinning in his beard, of course.

Watchmen: The Video Game.

By fnord12 | December 18, 2008, 1:00 PM | Comics & Movies & Video Games | Link

Mephisto: He'll eat your marriage!

Mephisto eats Silver Surfer's marriage

By fnord12 | December 18, 2008, 10:21 AM | Comics | Link

Marvel Sales


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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Secret Invasion #8 - Well this really all fell to pieces in the end. I think the whole idea of super-skrulls mimicking the powers of just about every super-hero was the downfall. Not only is that implausible and opening a pandora's box, but it also was a distraction from the key appeal of the concept of this series: that skrulls can infiltrate all the powerful organizations on earth because of their shape-shifting abilities. To the degree that they did infilitrate, it was almost completely ineffective. There was very little done to play up the paranoia aspect or the fact that the skrulls could have been ordering in the army or various super-hero teams to fight each other. In the end we have just a big brawl with the Diminishing Threat effect in full display; super-skrulls that were previously unbeatable are now just disposable. Characterization was pretty poor and a lot of the dramatic moments just felt like little random elements to be developed further in the crossover books. And then there's the whole Janet-bomb thing; what the hell was that?

New Avengers #47 - This was a pretty good little backstory for Luke Cage, but it's kind of frustrating that the main "baby is missing" story was developed not one tiny bit forward. Also, if you're going to have Hawkeye prominently on the cover of your comic, with a picture of Mockingbird right next to him, and you've just brought Mockingbird back from the dead after 20 years, you should probably deal with that a little bit on the inside, even if it is just another skrullitized tribute picture.

Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1 - Ugh, please tell me Maleev isn't going to be involved in Dark Reign. Yu's terrible art was a major contributing factor to how bad Secret Invasion was; Maleev's miserable sketches will be that much worse on any new crossover. Namor looks just absolutely terrible. Namor is not a balding, scruffy bum. The White Queen is supposed to be attractive, and i presume Loki-girl isn't supposed to look like an old hag either. Maleev's depiction of Osborn's breakdown in the end of the issue is not only weird looking and poorly drawn, but it's a terrible waste of space; taking an entire page to do what could have been much more effective in a few panels. I thought Bendis' depicton of Doom was very good, but other than that i'm really starting to think that Bendis is either doing too much at once or has passed his peak.

By fnord12 | December 15, 2008, 7:21 AM | Comics | Link

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