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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Captain Marvel #17 - A little heavy on the empowerment message. I still say the best way to show an empowered Carol Danvers is to actually show an empowered Carols Danvers, with classic strong art and Ms/Captain/Whatever Marvel fighting super-villains. Nonetheless, i like Filipe Andrade's art and this issue was fine. And hey, congrats on lasting 17 issues before a reboot.

Wolverine #11 - If Alan Davis wants to draw Wolverine fighting super-ninjas, then we should let him.

Iron Man #18 - The one thing that bugs me about this is that i'm not quite sure what Tony (and Arno) thinks is the big pressing emergency that requires him to come up with some technological redesign of cities with such urgency. What's the crisis they're working to solve? I also felt like the futureworld intro was a bit of a time waster. Still, i've learned to trust Gillen on this series, and i thought the new anti-Neo-Liberal "Mandarin" at the end could be interesting. So we'll see where this goes.

Superior Spider-Man #5 - Awesome awesome awesome.

By fnord12 | November 17, 2013, 5:29 PM | Comics | Comments (4)| Link

Fun fact

If you spell "multiverse" poorly enough, your spellchecker will convert it to "liverwurst".

By fnord12 | November 14, 2013, 5:22 PM | Comics & Good Words | Link


Ok, i couldn't help myself. I had to look up this Meet Misty series. And it turns out that despite being a Star comic, it might even technically sort of be in continuity. Because Misty appears to be the niece of Millie the Model. And as you can see in the image below, she even has her own Chili Storm.

You can also see the "Misty's outfit designed by..." stuff that was a trademark of Millie's comic.

Also pretty amazingly, the series (not a single issue of which is available at mycomicshop.com!) was written and drawn by Trina Robbins, the underground comix artist and co-creator of Vampirella.

Finally, i chose this particular cover because it seems to repurpose an image that was already used twice in Dazzler, first in Dazzler #31...

...and then again in her graphic novel.

It's such a weird image it sticks in my head. Maybe it's not a "swipe". Maybe that's a real thing aerobics people did in the 80s and it's just a coincidence. I did some google image searches but felt creepy about it.

Anyway, that's what i've learned about Misty. You may now go back about your lives, which are now richer and fuller thanks to this new knowledge.

By fnord12 | November 13, 2013, 5:10 PM | Comics | Link

Free the Care Bears!

I showed this ad to min and told her that i keep seeing it and thinking that Tygra had that Care Bear on a leash, and she looked at it and said "He doesn't?". So i figured i might be on to something.

FYI, i had to look up Tygra's name, didn't bother looking up which Care Bear that was, and i have no idea who Misty is. But this ad sure had high hopes in terms of their target audience; i can't imagine many Thundercats fans were also into the Care Bears. Unless they were invading their realm and enslaving them! I'd read that comic.

By fnord12 | November 13, 2013, 4:47 PM | Comics | Link

The political wisdom of Boomerang

I agree with this, but it's probably not to my credit that it's the "Australian and a felon" part that annoys me more than anything.

By fnord12 | November 11, 2013, 4:43 PM | Comics & Liberal Outrage | Comments (6)| Link

SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Avengers AI #5-6 - I think it's time to acknowledge that Doombot is the breakout character of this series, cancel this book, and give him a solo title. I also feel robbed that MODOK and HERBIE (and others) were on the cover of issue #6 and not even in this series. In fact, since the Henry Pym/Vision/Victor/Dmitrios parts of this story are so thoroughly uninteresting, how about having Doombot form a new team with those guys? (And why would you send two robots out to try to quell a protest of people whose bank accounts were stolen by robots?)

Uncanny X-Force #12-13 - I enjoyed Adrian Alphona's cartoonish art on issue #12, and it's really unfortunate that this series can't seem to hold onto an art team. That and the atrocious pacing have been the series' two major problems. And its depiction of Puck. The three problems with this series are its inconsistent art, its bad pacing, its total rewrite of Puck's personality, and the weird shoe-horning of the Demon Bear into this storyline. Ok, four. The four problems with this series are the art, the pacing, Puck, the inexplicable use of Demon Bear, and bringing back Cassandra Nova for a story that was already a complicated mess. Ok, amongst this series' problems... oh forget it. This comic sucks.

Fantastic Four #13 - What?!?

FF #13 - Ok, this is at least understandable, and a lot of fun. And the infinite super-apes finally balance out the lack thereof in Brubaker's Winter Soldier

Young Avengers #11 - Not sure if i like swapping Young Loki with Teen Loki, but this continues to be a fantastic book. I see from the Sales Chart (link in the post below this one) that you people aren't buying this. Why not? It's awesome! Every issue has great art, amazing twists and turns and plots and schemes (that are nonetheless easy to follow while reading in monthly increments), great characterization, and at least one experimental layout or other innovation each issue (this one has an org chart connecting all of Marvel's teen characters plus a splash panel showing Loki exploding into a deck of cards that show all his past incarnations). Fine, i won't preach. But i'm enjoying it.

Daredevil #32 - Since it's difficult to repeat every month how good this comic is, let me just say: all of that plus Legion of Monsters! Nice play on Daredevil's (and our) assumption that all southerners are racists, too. Caleb at Every Day Is Like Wednesday makes the interesting point that in the Marvel universe, with mutants and monsters and everything else to hate (robots, apparently), you might even expect there to be less racism, but i'm sure racists can always find a little more room in their hearts to hate another group, and you can't ruin the "world outside your window" aspect of the MU, anyway.

Indestructible Hulk #14 - Bear with me here, because this is going to be difficult to believe. I am not loving this time travel arc generally, but i thought this was a particularly weak issue - and this is the part that is going to be hard to believe - even though the Hulk fights Fin Fang Foom this time. The storyline is just dragging a bit and needs to wrap up. Also the art switch after the first five pages was a little jarring; you'd think the Hulk would get better treatment than Uncanny X-Force in terms of having a consistent art team.

Iron Man #17 - Wow. I'm really impressed with this. It's been a long time since i've read a story in realtime where there was a twist that a) i didn't see coming b) i understood and/or was able to keep up with even though i was reading in monthly installments. If you go back and look at my past reviews of this arc, you'll see me thrashing around the idea that Tony Stark was actually genetically programmed for super-intelligence as a baby by a rogue Rigellian Recorder. I really didn't like that idea, and i wouldn't put it past Marvel to do something like that at this point, and as much as i liked aspects of the story, i was really nervous about that becoming canon. At best i was hoping for a "Nah, it wasn't really true." in the last part. This twist is much cooler. Yes, Arno is a character that may potentially be abused by future writer. But the resolution here was a unique revelation that nonetheless doesn't hurt Tony's character. Kieron Gillen's outro says "I hope you feel the need to re-read the run at this point." and yes, i do. One day. In the meantime, looking forward to more, and hoping the art remains Pagulayan and/or Eaglesham and doesn't go back to Greg Land.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4 - We only got this because we accidentally got the first part. This one was a little better, i guess, but we could have skipped it.

Wolverine #10 - As it's the middle part of a storyline, i don't have a lot to say except that Cornell and Davis are doing nice work. I originally didn't feel like i needed to read a Wolverine solo series and was only getting this for contractual reasons, but now that i'm committed to it i can say that i'm enjoying it.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #5 - Kept this as a separate entry since it's a totally different creative team and story from issue #4. This is the beginning of the Secret Six plot that's been building for a while now (before the title change) and it was as good as i was hoping it would be. Nice use of the Wrecking Crew. I often feel like they are used as generic punching bags, but this time they were treated well and i liked Dr. Octopus' take on them (my favorite thing about this series has been Octavius' opinions about all the characters he's encountered). I hope everyone knows it was the Norn Queen, and not Loki, that gave the Wrecker his powers, but i guess it's ok if Mysterium doesn't.

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Marvel Sales


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