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One step behind

I've complained before about ads where a Hulk obviously drawn to be the green Hulk was colored grey because that's how he was appearing at the time. Here's the opposite scenario. By the time this ad was running, the Hulk was green again (albeit in his merged form), but this is clearly the grey Hulk from his trip to Madripoor. Can't fool me!

By fnord12 | September 24, 2015, 1:00 PM | Comics | Link

The Day After

Rough night for the Wookies, who we found face down on the floor this morning. And no wonder, after all the partying they'd been doing. Plus Maru Maru was still recovering from being repeatedly elbow slammed by a two year old.

At least they didn't mess up the puzzle we put together.

Click to jumbo-size.

Confirmed today that it is Patty Cockrum art, and that it is Tamara Rahn standing next to Namor, and not Her/Kismet.

By fnord12 | September 20, 2015, 3:21 PM | Comics & My stupid life & Star Wars | Comments (7)| Link

SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Daredevil #18 - Nice wrap-up to a great run. I'm disappointed that the Shroud turned out to be really psychotic and not just faking it. And maybe Foggy's "Yay, complete remission!" is a bit pat, although it's not like a later writer couldn't bring his cancer back if they wanted to. But the resolution to the Kingpin story was done well and the ending, showing Daredevil's human side and acknowledging that he's a character that makes bad decisions, was great.

Ms. Marvel #18 - I said last issue that from the point of view of the Carol Danvers that i know, her appearance here seemed a little generic. But in this issue especially, from Kamala's perspective it worked perfectly. Her hero shows up and accepts her as part of the Ms. Marvel legacy. The fact that it was done in the bleak backdrop of Carol thinking that the current crisis isn't going to go away kept it from being too sappy. The situation with Kamala's brother was also fun, with the tender moment quickly getting replaced by normal sibling friction. And looking forward to what i assume is the final issue i'll be getting, after the ending here with mom saying that she knows that Kamala is Ms. Marvel.

By fnord12 | September 18, 2015, 12:26 PM | Comics | Link


Just an announcement that my break is over and i'm back to work on 1991 on the Marvel Timeline. And yes, this post was really just an excuse to show this image:

By fnord12 | September 8, 2015, 5:43 PM | Comics | Link

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