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Frank Cho is Gross

Also, having made the mistake of actually reading some of his Facebook posts, i've decided he's an idiot douchebag.


As you know, straight men are the most persecuted group in the world today. They used to live in a utopia where everything was tailored to meet their needs, but that's changed. There's a female Ghostbusters movie coming out! The video game Rust randomly assigns gender! Two different Star Wars movies have female leads! And also, sometimes there are naked women on Game of Thrones that they don't want to bone!
Thankfully Frank Cho was on hand to protect the struggling marginalized voices of men who want women's bodies to be used to sell products regardless of intended audience. And though that Manara cover came out two years ago, Cho hasn't given up the fight.

Cho started paying tribute to Manara's Spider-Woman cover early in 2015, first with his own version of the original, and then with a cover that presented a teenage girl from an all-ages book -- Spider-Gwen -- in the same sexually objectified pose. This drawing of a teenager's elevated buttocks was not well received by the character's co-creator or many of the character's fans.

But Cho is a maverick, and when people step to him to say, "this is creepy and weird," he fights back by drawing more pictures of women with their butts in the air, and selling them on eBay and at conventions. Cho has now reproduced this pose -- and generated others like it -- over and over and over again for the benefit of paying fans, because he will not cave to the PC police.


But Cho has not been content to fight back in the trenches of sketch covers. He recently created a new cover for a publisher of video game comics, which again features a female protagonist in the same butt-up pose. You can see it on his Facebook page. Cho claims that the company's art director wanted Cho to recreate this pose (yet again) because he, like Cho, is "anti-censorship".

Thank God for these brave men, willing to risk everything -- or at least risk someone on Twitter saying they're gross and sleazy -- to ensure that there will still be women's butts on comic book covers.

Because only an idiot douchebag would think this is a valid argument (FB post about his Cami sketch):

HA! This is too funny.

Some of the overly sensitive people are upset that I drew a sexy image of a sexy highly popular video game character who runs around in a thong. Talk about hypercritical and being upset over nothing.

It's like you buy a Superman comic and you're upset that he's flying on the cover.

I wish people would stop giving him money to draw comic porn. Especially comic porn of a teenaged character. Skeeve.

By min | April 29, 2016, 12:43 PM | Comics | Comments (3)| Link

Well, first of all, i would've rebranded

I appreciate the tagline at the bottom.  It's issue #78 but they're still sticking very specifically to the Strange Tales theme.

I have no idea why this guy decided to call himself the Worm Man. He shrinks and grows and runs around! Like a worm!

Worm powers activate!

His original name was Surprise Naked Man

To continue to answer the question of what i would have done if i were the Worm Man, first, i would have sued the hell out of Henry Pym. This story was in Strange Tales #78, with a Nov 60 cover date, over a year before Tales To Astonish #27. Maybe we need to see the Worm Man's origin story. Ant-Man's first adventure involved him falling into an ant colony. Maybe this guy first fell into a pit of worms. Maybe he even developed a way to talk to worms, but realized talking to worms isn't very productive.

Second of all, i would stop storing my growing pills in my crotch.

Listen, unstable molecules hadn't even been invented yet.  You can't imagine how tight my underwear gets when i grow again.

By fnord12 | April 21, 2016, 7:33 AM | Comics | Comments (3)| Link

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