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I give up

Politics is bad enough, but when some female Marvel employees post a picture of themselves drinking milkshakes and the Men's Rights nitwits freak out and start ranting about SJWs, it's time to give up on the human race.

By fnord12 | July 31, 2017, 12:13 PM | Comics & Liberal Outrage | Link

Thanks for Finally Making a Wonder Woman Movie, I Guess?


What the FUCK was the bullshit origin story about? Amazons were created by Zeus to soothe Man's violent tendencies? They actually showed a painting of naked women coming out of the sea to drape themselves over warrior men. Plus, Zeus was benevolent and kind and made Man to be the same until Ares corrupted them? WHAT??? I'm pretty sure that is not how the story goes. Zeus was a huge dick. All of the gods were. There was no Garden of Eden paradise situation before Ares/the Serpent came and messed it up. Edith Hamilton is going to come back and kick all your asses.

The story I know is the Amazons were souls of women who were victimized and/or murdered by men. Hera and the other goddesses and Hermes took their souls and brought the women back to life on Themyscira. Wonder Woman was sculpted from clay and given life and powers by these same gods. She wasn't the child of Zeus. Ew. In George Perez's run, Zeus actually demands Diana sleeps with him cause he's Zeus and he should get to try out all the pretty girls. *shudder* Yeah, yeah. I know DC turned her into a demi-god in the comics continuity, too. I have been deliberately ignoring that piece of idiocy for the last several years. Successfully, too, until i saw this movie.

How much more of an empowerment story is it when you've got women who were abused but are given new life and learn to be warriors and scholars and everything they wanted to be? Compare that to "Zeus created some handmaidens to use their nurturing ways to soften man's natural aggressive tendencies". Argh. I'm so pissed off about this that i'm barely appreciating the scrap they've thrown me by finally, after decades, making this movie.

The rest of the movie was fair. Nothing too great, nothing too terrible. Kinda slow in the middle. I did have a problem with the silent exchange between Wonder Woman (nobody calls her WW in the movie, either, which is annoying) and Steve Trevor before they have sex. Look, we live in a society where people think they can say shit like, "Her eyes were saying 'Yes'" or judges might agree that "she implicitly said yes even though she was unconscious". So, while Diana giving Steve the "come hither" expression and Steve correctly interpreting it was totally fine in this context (esp since Diana was physically capable of putting a stop to anything she didn't agree to), i would still like a verbal exchange between the characters because society still needs to learn that while the good guy in the story might get the girl, it shouldn't be taken as a given and he should still ask.

By min | July 14, 2017, 12:15 PM | Comics & Movies | Link

Why you lie to me, Hasbro?

Technically i suppose a Dire Wraith can look like anything, but seriously.

Shoulda sold the rights to ROM to Marvel. No one wants a ROM toy if he can't fight a proper looking Dire Wraith:

I would also have liked a male form Dire Wraith, and a Deathwing and a Hellhound, but clearly you'd go for one of these first.

Also, WTF is a Visionaries' Leoric?

By fnord12 | July 11, 2017, 9:50 AM | Comics | Link

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