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A Tribute to Hitesh

For several years, there was a poster on the rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe (racmu) named Hitesh. And he had a theory. The theory, at a high level, was that everything (at first i thought it was all super-powers but i've come to realize that it is in fact *everything*) could be measured as a factor of Telekinesis (TK) and Telepathy (TP), which generate tacyion fields, that in turn mimic powers or abilities. According to this theory, some entities that we assumed were actual characters were actually just TK/TP projections. For example, Venom is actually a projection of Spider-Man's. Dr. Doom is a projection of Reed Richards. More importantly, these TK/TP projections can be used to explain anomlies within the marvel universe. Spider-Man appears in 6+ books a months? It's because his TK/TP levels allow him to appear so often. Reed Richards is a genius in every scientific field? His genius is actually a manifestation of super-high TK/TP levels.

Using this theory, he was able to calculate the power levels of all entities in the Marvel Universe (and using the same rules he could determine the power levels for non-Marvel, and even non-comic book entities. And remember, an entity isn't the same thing as a person: it could be a tree. It could be a country.) The basis for these calculations was the Marvel Universe Role Playing Game that came out in the mid-80s, but his calculations went far beyond that, involving math that i can not comprehend. In truth, there's a lot about his calculations and theories that i can't comprehend but i know they are brilliant.

Unfortunately, most of the regulars on racmu did not understand Hitesh's genius. Most thought he was just publishing stats from the Marvel RPG. Some saw his bizarre rankings and thought he was a troll, trying to get people riled up by saying that Spider-man was more powerful than Thor. Others saw his theories and thought he was just crazy. OK, maybe he was crazy. But his theories are still fascinating.

Unfortunately, his posts all seem to have been wiped out and are no longer searchable on Google Groups. However, i have found random snippets of his posts in the 'replied-to text' of other people's responses. What i've been able to find, i'm reprinting here in no particular order so that they are preserved. I will continue to add to the list and hopefully organize it as i find more.

Hitesh also posted as "c2" and "tsr0@my-deja.com".

>Thanos is a mutant who uses his mutant powers in a similar 
>manner to that of Wolverine and Dr Doom by TK and TP & 
>tacyion fields which mimic various power stunts & skills. 

> If being selfish is evil, then capitalism based on selfish motives 
> is embrased by 90% of human population is also evil. 
> If capitalism cannot be removed by force of any means, then 
> evil is stronger than good. 
> If good is weaker than evil, then Marvel & DC superheroes are 
> fighting a pointless & unwinable war, a war that can never be 
> won. 

       Here's a New and Revised Power Chart: 
:       ------------------------------------ 

:       Marvel Female Characters: 
:       ------------------------ 

:       Class 75 : She-Hulk 
:                  [remaining 25 points used to shape-shift 
:                  from average human female to tall green female] 

:       Class 81 : Savage She-Hulk [remaining 19 
:                  points used to maintain a somewhat cohesive 
:                  green female body] 
:       Class 100 : She-Hulk[ 25 points used to shapeshift 
:                   and using remaining 75 points used for strength] 

:       Non-Marvel or Star Wars Characters: 
:       ---------------------------------- 

:       Class 100 : Jaba the Hut and his beaucracy 
:                   of mercernaries/accountants/used technology 
:       Class 150 : Obey One Kunobea 

:       Non-Marvel Female Characters: 
:       ---------------------------- 

:       Class 75 : Caitlyn Fairchild [6 points from total of 
:                  81 points used to shapeshift from average 
:                  female to taller female leaving 75 points 
:                  for strength] 

:       Class 81 : Caitlyn Fairchild [total points including 
:                  75 for strength and 6 points to shapeshift] 

:       Non-Marvel or Image Male Characters: 
:       ----------------------------------- 

:       Class 81 : Spawn [ 30 points for strength; 20 points for 
:       levitation or weak power of flight; 31 points for halograms] 

:       Non-Marvel & Non-comic objects: 
:       ------------------------------ 

:       Class 3 : fruitfly 

:       Class 10 : crow; plastic surgeon 

:       Class 15 : vulture 
:       Class 20 : eagle; mayor of NYC 

:       Class 45 : Philadelphia 

:       Class 50 : New York City 

:       Class 55 : Isreal 

:       Class 64 : Iraq 

:       Class 75 : US satellite; Kuwait 

:       Class 81 : France 

:       Class 100 : Japan; Microsoft; Apple; A-bomb 

:       Class 121 : Germany; China 

:       Class 144 : nuclear missile 

:       Class 150 : IBM 

:       Class 169 : Russia 

:       Class 222 : USA

> Did you not read the Secret Wars, Marvel comics, during the '80s ? 
> It clearly states that the power level of Beyonder alone is enough 
> to destroy all Marvel gods & godesses combined, including Eternity/ 
> Mistress Death/Vishanti/Strangers/Celestials/Galactus/In-Betweener 
> Mephisto & MAYBE EVEN THE Living Tribunal. 

> Not sure how Master Order & Lord Chaos would fare against the 
> Beyonder entity. Although when the Beyonder first appeared, his 
> power levels were C1,000 but within a few comics, it jumped to 
> C5,000 by the time the Beyonder teleported mutants along with 
> Galactus on Battle Wordl & several comics later or a couple 
> comics in-between, he defeated Mistress Death & Eternity without 
> EVEN working up a sweat, figuratively speaking, since the Beyonder 
> only has sweat glands in his human form not in his pure energy 
> form which as he stated a single electron in his body has more 
> energy than all the galaxies in the Marvel Universe. SO, he's 
> pretty powerful since Galactus, alone, has a hard or difficult 
> time digesting more mass than a single star & turned catatonic 
> in 1 F.F. issue when he swallowed or digested too much mass & 
> nearly killed himself as his body was about collapse onto itself 
> as a black hole was slowly coming into effect inside of him as 

> As for battle world, what didn't make sense is that Dr Doom claimed 
> he managed to steel Beyonder's power or maybe Beyonder allowed Doom 
> to self delude himself into thinking that since if you consider 
> conservation of mass & energy you'd know that Doom didn't steel 
> Beyonder's power. Reasons as follows :: 

> 1) Dr. Doom in 1 issue managed to open a dimensional portal with 
> an alien device that he found 
> 2) Amount of energy needed to open such a portal is about equal 
> to 10% power level of Galactus 
> 3) Galactus was unable to steel Beyonder's power 
> 4) If Dr Doom's power level is 10% that of Galactus, meaning if 
> Dr Doom's psyche is at 50 points then Galactus's psyche is at 
> 500 points OR if Galactus's psyche is at 666 points then Dr Doom's 
> psyche is at 66.6 points 
> 5) Dr Doom's psyche is (2/3) that of Reed Richards. 
> 6) If neither Galactus nor Reed Richards was unable to steel 
> Beyonder's power THEN Dr Doom certainly would not be able to 
> steel Beyonder's power by common sense or logic reasoning 
> 7) Dr Doom is enough techno & magic know how & access to it enough 
> to generate teleportation power stunts 
> 8) So, when Dr Doom teleported the heroes from their individual 
> locations to Dr Doom's fortress or palace, he was NOT using 
> Beyonder's power but his own 
> 9) Dr Doom claimed - after he claimed to steel Beyoner's power - 
> that he became all knowing, BUT all is a relative term 
> 10) IF Doom gained in excess of 1% of what he already knew & 
> though what he now knew was all knowing may certainly NOT be 
> all knowing 
> 11) Beyonder never actually gives any of his power away except 
> maybe 1% - as in case of Dazzler with her brief fling with the 
> Beyonder entity - or to trick other person into thinking it 
> 12) So, in a sense, Dr Doom self deluded himself into thinking 
> that he stole Beyonder's power 
> 13) EVEN if Doom managed to get a fraction of Beyonder's power 
> by let's say 1% which would be 1% of 10,000 points which would 
> be 100 points plus what he already had, raising his psyche to 
> 166 points from 66 points, increasing Doom's psychi to 1.66 
> that of Reed Richards in terms of points of psyche, in terms 
> of reality warping power by TK & TP, assuming Reed Richards 
> has 100 points or ability to generate Warp 3 or 100x light 
> speed velocity at 100 points of psyche, although '86 MU TSR RPG 
> offocially has Richards has same psyche level as Doom or about 66 
> points, which is about equal to being able to generate Warp 2 or 
> 10x light speed velocity, through technolog

>There was typo in earlier post, meant tos say that 
>TP = 10% of TK, meaning 500 points of TK = 50 points of TP, 
>meaning that C 75 TP = C 750 TK, usually or most of the time; 
>although, in rare-occasions like during time-travel, teleportation, 
>or magic power-stunts TK = TP, meaning that C 75 TK = C 75 TP, 
>for those latter 3 power-stunts. 

>Assuming, it takes 20 points to destroy a small planet 
>by generating effects of hidden mass of 10^20 tons. So, 
>@ Death Star has 20 points. Since Luke Skywalker was 
>able to destroy a Death Star & escape unharmed, he gets 
>an extra 10 points, giving him 30 points. And, his sister 
>would have similar # of points or 30 points of access to 
>the Force or TK/TP/ & ability to generate tachyon fields 
>on power scale & magnitude of 30 points of psyche in '80s 
>Marvel Universe Role Playing Game(s). If Millenium Falcoln 
>has teleportation range of 1 billion miles, Han Solo would 
>get 120 points or power equal to the Sleeping Celestial. 
>But, the Emperor would get only HALF or 60 points, as the 
>coordinates of Star Wars Universe is that of earth solar 
>system in alternate future time-line IF you REVERSE the 
>coordinates of Star Wars Universe in Milky Way Galaxy. So, 
>THEN, Luke Skywalker is raised on Mars, in a modified 
>alternate time-line future of Star Wars Universe. 

> She [Rogue] is not an amalgam of personalities. She is either pretending 
> multiple personality or mimicing it. It's easy if you have superpowers. 
> She can also simulate power to absorb superpower of a mutant by DNA 
> analysis as she touches him or her through her TK & TP & simulating 
> his or her power by TK & TP by generating a particular or set of 
> tacyion field(s) similar to the mutant she is trying to mimic. 

> Now, the Morlock, Leech, probably has several points more than Rogue, 
> allowing Leech to neutralize a low powered mutant's power but probably 
> could not neutralize a high ranking mutant like Venom or Carnage. As 
> for sound vibrations neutralizing Venom or Carnage is probably a 
> weak trait Peter Parker probably put in his tacyion projection with 
> artificial intelligence, allowing Spiderman to play the superhero 
> or photographer - allowingn him to make a small but questionable 
> income if & when he was in need of money rather than robbing a bank - 
> whenever he was either bored or no supervillain showed up to make 
> trouble. 

>  I actually liked the clone saga, 
>  up to a point. 

>  Peter Parker could easily create 
>  Spiderman [when Peter isn't Spiderman ], 
>  Kaine, Traveller, Ben  Reilley, Venom, 
>  & Carnage in a simialr manner as Mysterio, 
>  assuming his powers are TK & TP related 
>  & works by creating tachyon fields. He 
>  can do all this by doppler effect or 
>  resonace with simply 40 points of life- 
>  force, assuming DC Batman has 10 points 
>  & Maestro has 50 points. 

> -- 
> {radius, object, meters, to limbo}=10^[(C-100)/10] ; 
> teleportation range in meters = 10^[(C-30)/10]; 
> q = [(quantum barrier)^(1/2)] ; q = 10 
> alternate universe timeline = 10^[C/[q*(R1+R2)]] 

> If you put Galactus at 35.35 CA = 249.75 C1 = 559826.17 C2 = 1.1 * 
> 10^33 C3. To calculate his life-span, it's [249.75/4] = 62.44 C1. To 
> calculate his power level it's [249.75*4] = 999 C1 power level. You 
> could always reverse this if you wanted to. His life-span @ 62.44 C1 = 
> [X*C3] which at @ X = 2 with C3 = 62.44^LOG10(62.44) C2 = 1,673.74 C2 
> = 1,673.74^LOG10(1,673.74) C3 = (2.47 * 10^10). [X*C3] = [2 * (2.47 * 
> 10^10)] = 4.93 * 10^10 = 49.34 billion year life-span for Galactus @ 
> 62.44 C1 life-span with power level @ 999 C1 with average default 
> Psyche @ 249.75 C1 by 35.35^LOG10(35.35) @ 35.35 CA Psyche. 
> -- 
> If you put ROM at 18 CA = 37.65 C1 = 303.99 C2. His power level @ 
> [37.65*2] = 75.30 C1 which would reduce his life-span to [37.65/2] = 
> 18.83 C1 = 42.19 C2 = 437.83 C3. Life-span = [X*C3] @ X = 2 when C2 > 
> 20 if C2 is using some of his Psyche for TL. THEN, ROM's life-span = 
> [2*437.83] = 875.66 years. His maximum warp capability through or/and 
> by TL = [C2/250], with C2 of power level. C2 power level = 
> 75.3^LOG10(75.3) = 3329.35 C2. Warp = [3329.35/250] = 13.32. Maximum 
> velocity xlight speed = -1 + 2^13.32 = 10,225.32x light speed velocity 
> through hyper or warp space. Notice that Warp 13 = Warp 9.9999.