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More toys to kill you with.

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I was originally against pre-painted plastic miniatures as a matter of principal, plus the original ones i saw (by the people who went on to make HeroClix) were pretty crappy, so when Wizards of the Coast started putting out theirs, i just sort of ignored it.

But recently, in my quest for a female halfling cleric (which i still haven't found - i think the people who make minis assume all girls want to be Elven princesses), i started looking at the WOTC site and saw all the wonderful creatures they've been making. When i saw that they made Tiamat, i was hooked. Got myself a bunch of other classic D&D monsters too: you can see the Purple Worm in the back there, and there's some Xorn, and some Grell, and Thri-Kreen. Also got some bizarre stuff like those Celestial Dire Badgers and Giant Frogs, and a good smattering of generic skeletons and wights and other monsters.

They actually look pretty good. Some of their spears are a little flacid, if you know what i mean, but the paint jobs are much better than the earlier ones that i saw (and look at least as good as the crappy job i've done painting the metal ones).

In fact, i like 'em so much i'm gonna get some more. The site i ordered from didn't have any Bulettes, but i've found another site that does. I wonder if i can get some Rust Monsters...

By fnord12 | July 27, 2006, 8:57 AM | D&D | Comments (11)| Link

Always the last to know

How come no one tells me these things:

Wizards of the Coast has announced that it will be closing its chain of retail stores, including Wizards of the Coast stores and the affiliated The Game Keeper stores. Wizards, a subsidiary of Hasbro, has retained Gordon Brothers Group, LLC of Boston to assist with the closure, which should be completed within approximately 60 days, according to a press release.

The move out of the retail store business will enable a deeper focus on Wizards' core business of game design, unnamed company officials said in the release. Wizards' trading card games and role-playing games -- including Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons -- are among the biggest brands in the hobby game industry.

Monday December 29, 2003 [!!!!!]

Compound that with the fact that The Game Room seems to no longer be interested in stocking Wizards of the Coast related products, and we've got a little problem finding D&D minis.

By fnord12 | July 23, 2006, 11:09 AM | D&D | Comments (0)| Link

3.5 is for suckers

Armor class should be low! Long live THAC0!

By fnord12 | July 13, 2006, 9:10 AM | D&D | Comments (12)| Link

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