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Open Discussion Thread for D&D

Since the party is in between big quests at the moment, it helps me know what direction to prepare in if i have an idea of your plans for the next session. Below are some of the more obvious things that are going on, but don't let the list constrain you.

  • Find Lord Phantar
  • Find Beeblebrox
  • Check in with the Roesh Wizards to see if they've come up with anything on Gloiterwome
  • Investigate the Ruins of Pern
  • Look into some of the things mentioned by Beeblebrox in the pre-'recorded' message to the party, especially the members that weren't actually there, like Portentia, Synchromie, and... Klute?

By fnord12 | October 24, 2008, 9:59 AM | D&D | Comments (6)| Link

A message from Malouf

After a few days of resting in Roesh after your year-long quest, you wake one morning to find yourself summoned by Malouf. He says the following:

Snow has left. We will see her again in a month in Betaya. We must not follow her. She gave me these *hands scrolls & whatnot to Brecaryn* to give to you. Even though it's wrong, I will take charge taking advice from you. We all must face our challenges. This is mine. I'll show Snow she was wrong *looking at Alana, Lieralyn, & Flerm* and she did good with us. Where to next?

A list of potential future quests follows, but it's also worth considering each of your characters motivations and determining what keeps you with the rest of the group now that the menace to the continent has been ended.

  • Lord Phantar is missing, and the Knights of Phantar have asked you to find him.
  • Beeblebrox has also gone missing after a seeming attack on the tower of Sorcerer's Isle
  • Brecaryn has been having dreams about the resurrection of the white dragon Gloiterwome
  • The hobbits of Pern are having trouble with a landshark.
  • The Bards Guild, based in Betaya, has questions for your group

By fnord12 | October 15, 2008, 11:22 AM | D&D | Comments (14)| Link

Recap #20

Behold! Here Endeth the Quest

By min | October 15, 2008, 11:20 AM | D&D | Comments (0)| Link

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