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Original D&D Drawings

This was a bit of an amusing read.

The commentary goes from juvenile to amusing.

Zack: Also, who makes skin-tight underpants for giants?

Steve: Oh, you're just gonna go on and assume because giants are 50 feet tall they don't know how to craft up some underpants? That's racist.

Zack: Dungeons & Dragons is a series of overlapping race wars. You roll the dice to see how many orcs there are, do you think that's for purposes of hiring them to build a barn?

He's absolutely right. Why don't we ever hire orcs to help us carry our giant friggin mirror, for instance?

Steve: If you think orcs ever successfully exterminate anyone then you've never played D&D. Maybe in some game where they spell it with a "k" and all the orks are super beefy, but in D&D they are always the genocided, not the genociders.

We will soon be the exception to this rule when the Broken Bone clan of orcs takes over the world with their giant orc army, in large part helped out by the truce we made when we decided not to kill them. Oopsy.

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