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C'thome for the C'tholidays

Look who's done being painted just in time to bring maddening dreams of ancient horrors to all the boys and girls:

I was originally kind of intimidated to paint C'thulu, in part because he's so big, which requires a somehwat different set of painting skills, and in part because he's such a visible and "important" figure that i wanted my paint job to be better than my usual rush jobs. But then i realized that the figure is cool because he's a giant C'thulu, not because of how i paint him. I could have painted him solid green and it would have been fine. So with that i relaxed a little and got to it (once my bigger paint brushes arrived).

Here he is from another angle (and without the Santa hat).

And, for scale, here is our Elder God with some other figures. Specifically, the black dragon that used to be my biggest miniature, the other (tiny by comparison!) C'thulu that came with the Reaper Bones set, and a regular sized mini(specifically the one used by the player who pushed me to paint C'thulu; i guess he's got a death wish or something).

Finally, the battle that needs to happen: C'thulu vs. Godzilla!

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Horde on Location

Click to Horde-size

Thanks to Min for the new backdrop (developed for something else).

In this horde - all Reaper Bones - we have two female Driders, one male Drider (i painted the first a while back), a beholder, a wood giantess, a baby Cthulu (the big one is coming as soon as i get some bigger brushes!), another fire elemental thingy that i missed when doing the last set, a coffin, and a mass of kobolds.

The female driders posed a challenge because Reaper thought it would be a good idea to have them be bare chested. I guess no one at Reaper runs a campaign with mostly female players or i guess even knows any women. So i had to do some de-nudification on them. I sanded off their nipples (ouch!) and then free-hand painted some armor on their chests. They came out pretty well, considering.

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Presented without explanation

Bugbear on a surfboard:

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