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Formerly Grey Horde

This was going to just be the "grey horde", because while painting the last batch i spilled a lot of grey paint and had to quickly grab a bunch of miniatures to base coat (again).

And that worked out pretty well for my final Drider and another one-eyed lizardman:

And these beetles, because who really cares:

But when i got to these goblins, i decided that i liked their faces too much to do a total crap job with them. My original reasoning was that i have so many goblins that i didn't need to do anything special with these, so i was just going to let them be grey and do a black wash over the armor and not much else. But i couldn't let myself do it. And the grey paint was a little too dark for regular base coating (the colors weren't popping) and not quite dark enough for the "dry brush only" technique (see the 'again' link). So i ended up totally painting over the goblins trying to get something that worked and there's very little of the original grey exposed. I also intended to just keep using the brushes i used on the last batch since i don't think i'll paint any more on this vacation, but i pretty much destroyed the cheapo detail brush that i used last time and i had to break out a new one. As it is, i'm still not sure if i really did the goblins justice but they're better than my first draft.

Since i had to grab all of these quickly due to the spilled paint, i didn't have time to do the cold water / hot water technique, so the Drider and some of the goblins are bent at unusual angles. Not that the water technique works all that well anyway. I'm also realizing that i forgot to de-nudify the Drider this time; i think after the last batch i've become desensitized to it.

By fnord12 | December 20, 2016, 6:25 PM | D&D | Link

Lady Horde

I've been noting that i'm kind of getting down to the figures that i've been passing on. So this time i decided to just pull out all the female figures, many of whom i've skipped in the past due to "sexy" poses or nudity. My goal was to do these kind of quickly and not obsess over details; i basically let the washes do the work.

The worst offender is this giant. I guess the top-half boob coverings and the heart-shaped vagina covering mean that she's not entirely naked, but she might as well be. I love that the one place a giant has decided to wear armor is on her shoulders, because clearly that's where you're getting attacked all the time, not your legs. No need to even wear shoes!

Then there's the pose. Totally appropriate for a swords and sorcery adventure game. Just to really demonstrate the problem, here's her butt.

Next up we have our sexy demons. One is completely naked. The other is just sultry. Why can't female demons be menacing and threatening like male demons?

These next two figures are fine. I like having a valkyrie. I went with the wash technique that i've been using lately. In isolation it looks like they might have been better served with more solid colors, but this way they'll be distinct among the other armored female fighters (and i do have such characters, despite the offerings in this batch).

The next two are really fine, too. I clearly used Storm as an inspiration for the one on the right (the tiara probably gave me the idea).

The next two required a little cleavage reduction. The one on the right especially. I honestly don't know what she's wearing. It looks like a real pain to put on and keep on (not shown, but the entire back is bare, so it's all secured at the neck). This figure is actually not a Bones; she's from another game and was given to me by a friend. She's also got something weird going on with her face (hard to see in the scan). I think it's supposed to be like some of her hair is blown onto her face, but it looks like she has sideburns.

The next two are also sorceress types but i went with more of an earthy druid feel. I like the one on the left although (and i know this is kind of a subtle nitpick) the way she's posed, with the cocked waist and the extended leg, is not the sort of pose you'd see a man in. We need a Hawkeye Initiative for D&D miniatures. The figure on the right is just off the rails. I de-nudified her but she's basically meant to have her boobs hanging out and her legs bare. She's also barefoot (nothing i could do about that).

I also don't know what she's looking at. Hey! We're down here.

I get that the people making these miniatures must sometimes get bored and want to put the figures in nontraditional poses, but how are we supposed to use these figures? "You turn the corner and encounter a woman who is staring at the ceiling. She refuses to look at you, no matter what you do."

Finally, a medusa. Totally naked, of course.

By fnord12 | December 16, 2016, 11:11 PM | D&D | Link

Recap 76

Thules Rush In

By min | December 13, 2016, 8:30 AM | D&D | Link

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